How We Accomplish Success

We are in business to see you successful.  Every Statement of Work (SOW) is tailored to meet your business objectives.  In order to do this, we spend time talking with your company to figure out the best approach.  Once we clearly understand the objectives, we craft a SOW to precisely reflect all the high-level tasks required to drive a successful project.  Each phase of the SOW includes things like duration, dependencies, deliverables, and success criteria.  

Our team of experience professionals are assembled to best fit the needs of the project.  You can feel confident that the requirements for success will be met.  Below is the method they use to hit the target.   


The truth is in the details.  In this phase of the project, we set out to identify all the information and its sources to drive the collection process.  This can be anything from data classification, application requirements, process steps, or practically anything.  This is a phase that is sometimes overlooked or underestimated by other consulting firms and, more times than not, is the most critical.  Without all the information, the success of any project would be at risk of failure.  Therefore, we focus a lot of effort on getting this right and we design our SOWs to make sure this is done with precision.  Without enough accurate data, how could you accurate analyze it?


Having accurate data is very important, but knowing how to analyze it is also vital.  We take time to figure out the best way to analyze the data and validate it throughout this phase of the project.  The duration of this phase is often dictated by the type and amount of data.  While some project requires mass amount of data like a data warehousing project, others require very little analytics.    Sometimes the analytics are the actual project and this becomes as critical or the most critical part of the project.  In most cases, however, the more accurate the analytics, the more accurate the design of a solution.


Creating the design can be a daunting task especially if you don’t understand fully understand the desired outcome.  Unfortunately, this a mistake that happens more than it should.  Without a proper design, personnel often set out in the right direction, but get lost during the journey.  The design is the path to the business objective.  It is there so no one gets lost.


This is typically a phase that we initially involve the client team.  We have found that the best designs come from transparent collaboration with the customer.  Additionally, the design needs to work for everyone to be successful.  We never take for granted that the customer knows their business better than we do.  It is critical for success to deliver what the customer needs.


After the hard work in collecting, analyzing, and designing, delivery should be the easiest step.  Everyone should know what they need to do in order to accomplish their tasks; they know where to get the data from to make sure the objectives are met and tested; and very few decisions need to be made in the course of implementation due to an accurate design.  However, a very important step in the project is turning everything back over to the customer.  This needs to be completed accurately and with out too much disruption to the day-to-day.  Many projects include documentation and other materials required to exit the project successfully.  Again, the first three phases of the project define all that needs to happen, this phase makes it happen.

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